Mind Twister Math
Mind Twister Math
Mind Twister Math
Mind Twister Math
Mind Twister Math

Mind Twister Math


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Mind Twister Math 

This great cd-rom by Edmark is an engaging maths review for 8 to 10 year olds. 

Mind Twister Math is an outrageous game show that adds a thrilling twist to maths practice.  Students can review and practice essential maths skills. There are hours of review and thousands of unique games for up to three players. 

Play by yourself or with a friend in this zany game show. Choose from four topic areas that cover 2-3 digit addition and subtraction, measurement, place value, time, rounding, estimation, story problems, mental maths, multiplication and division, probability, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals, and 2D & 3D geometry. 

Pick a crazy character to represent you and a ring in key from the keyboard, and you are ready to start racking up those points on your way to the Top Ten. 

There are also fun arcade style games earn additional points.  

Mind Twister Math Skills:

Improves Computation Proficiency
Increases Maths-Fact Fluency
Strengthens Mental Maths Skills

UFO Challenges
Read the rule displayed at the top of the screen. If you see a flying object or number that fits the rule, press your ring-in key to win the points!

Game Pieces
Choose from nine fun cartoon characters.

Co-operation Break
Move the Vacusaurus to gather Numbugs that fit the rule. But to earn points, you need to work with the other players.

Totally Twisters
Press your ring-in key first to get a chance to answer the question. Different questions have different point values! 


This product contains Universal Access features including TouchWindow and Single Switch compatibility to address a variety of learning styles and abilities.

Mind Twister Math System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/works on Windows 7, Pentium+, 16 MB RAM, 40 MB free disk space, 2X CD-ROM, 640X480 256 colour monitor, sound card.

PACKAGING: Cd-rom in  sleeve