About Aussie Kids Software

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Aussie Kids Software is owned and operated by a sole trader (ABN 64 715 430 479). A mum of three, my eldest child is neurodivergent (Asperger's Syndrome + ADHD), and was fascinated by computers from a very early age. 

Rather than fight the inevitable, I chose to embrace it. I sought out educational software to help overcome issues such as poor handwriting (touch typing programs), focus and concentration (hidden object games) and attention deficit disorder (customisable learning programs with reward games). 

That journey began over 20 years ago, and despite the advent of tablets and smartphones, families still embrace the humble computer for their children's learning needs. Parents, carers and educators know the value in their children having computer skills when they enter the workforce. 

The business has evolved to include digital downloads, computer accessories and keyboard stickers (special needs, touch typing tools and replacement sets) for the classroom and home. 

We ship our products to homes, schools, early learning centres and numerous other organisations throughout Australia & New Zealand, and still offer the largest range of educational children's software in the Asia Pacific.