Lego Soccer Mania
Lego Soccer Mania
Lego Soccer Mania
Lego Soccer Mania
Lego Soccer Mania

Lego Soccer Mania


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 Lego Soccer Mania for PC

In Soccer Mania, play soccer the way you want. Customise the craziest mini-figure soccer teams and challenge awesome opposition. Use amazing power-ups in hilarious matches across action-packed, themed Lego environments. It’s an adventure that takes you from the Arctic to the Wild West to Mars.  

Lego Soccer Mania features:
Choose your soccer team from lots of crazy Lego characters. 
From medieval castles to the depths of outer space, there are tons of fantastic Lego settings. 
Fast paced soccer action – on the Lego field, the ball never goes out of play.
Play in snowy valleys, mysterious islands, pirate ships, cowboy forts, and more. 
Find and use mind-blowing power-ups. 
Features 23 unique action-packed themed stadium environments. 
Game power-ups include Rocket Ball and Steal The Ball.
Use all your soccer skills to win the Lego cup challenge. 

Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Lego Soccer Mania System Requirements: 
Windows 2000 SP4/XP Home & Pro SP2/Vista 32-bit only/Windows 7 32 & 64-bit – all require Administrator privileges; not yet tested on Windows 10, Pentium II 350 MHz or faster processor (500MHZ recommended), 128MB RAM, 50 MB hard disk space, 8x or faster CD-ROM drive, 16MB Direct 3D compatible video card*, DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card, mouse. 

*You may not be able to get the game to run if you don't have a 3D capable video card. Normally this means you have a dedicated (not integrated) graphics card. To find out what you have, follow these step by step instructions:

Use the Direct X Diagnostic (DXDIAG) tool:

Direct X can identify your installed video card. To launch DXDIAG:

  1. In Windows 10 or 8, type dxdiag in your search box
  2. In Windows 7 and Vista, click the Start button, type dxdiag in the search bar, and then press Enter.

    In XP, from the Start menu, select Run.... Type dxdiag and click OK.

  3. The DXDIAG panel will open. Click the Display tab.

Your video card's name and chipset will be identified in this panel. When you're finished, click Exit to close the panel. You can use the card's name to search the web and see if it is 3D compatible. Search for "is (insert your graphics card name) 3D compatible?". If you purchase this product and your graphics are not compatible, we will only be able to refund the cost of the disc if you return it in the same condition you received it, not your return postage costs.  

PACKAGING: Cd-rom in paper sleeve