High Achiever Grammar
High Achiever Grammar

High Achiever Grammar

High Achiever aka Super Tutor

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 High Achiever Grammar is high school software for grades 9-12

High Achiever Grammar provides the tools you need to express yourself.

Join space alien Rozzwell on a journey through english grammar, from simple sentence structure to the complexities of clauses.

High Achiever Grammar also includes friendly explanations, interesting examples, and challenging exercises.

Skills learned in High Achiever Grammar: 

Sentence Structuring 
Advanced Sentence Structuring
Verb Forms
Pronouns and Adjectives
Identifying Run-on and Fragment Sentences

High Achiever Grammar Features: 

English grammar journey 

Simple sentence structure 

Clause complexities 

Friendly explanations  

Interesting examples 

Challenging exercises 

High Achiever Grammar System Requirements 

Windows 98 Me XP Vista & Windows 7

Pentium 233 MHz or higher processor

64 MB of RAM; cd-rom drive

50 MB or free Hard Drive space 

Internet Explorer version 4.01 or higher 

Netscape Navigator 4.04 or higher 

800x600 (1024x768 recommended) Hi-colour display 

PACKAGING: Cd-rom in sleeve