Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs
Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs
Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs
Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs

Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs


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 Encyclopedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs

What makes dinosaurs so interesting—their huge size, their exotic mystique? Or is it just that were still learning about these strange, lumbering creatures as scientists make new discoveries and revise old theories?

Decide for yourself, with Encyclopedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs. Watch a tyrannosaurus running*...see how you measure up to him (would you reach his knee, his back, or his neck?)...and click your way through the evolution of dinosaurs in an interactive timeline.
* There are only 2 QuickTime movie files included which do not include audio, we were able to play these on the free program VLC media player but not in Windows Media Player. We were not able to play them from within the program itself when we tested it on Windows 7 & Windows 8. They are very short & not very insightful in our opinion, the dinosaur Family Tree & Timeline is definitely the star of this program. 

Comprehensive and engaging, its the one source for all ages on this captivating subject.

Encyclopedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs (U.S. Version) Special Features Include:

Dinosaurs and Their World

Dinosaurs and Other Living Things takes you though the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic periods. Geology, also broken down by historical period, explores the diverse environments in which dinosaurs lived. Notable Dinosaur Experts recounts the lives and findings of famous paleontologists and geologists.

Dinosaur Family Tree and Timeline
Explore the relationships and lineage of dinosaurs with this family tree. Click on photos and go directly to articles.

Related Web Links and Magazines Online
Related Web sites and magazine articles, selected by Britannica editors, provide a wealth of additional information.

Learning Tools
Special tools let you enter notes, bookmark articles and pictures, and format reports.


Encyclopaedia Britannica Profiles Dinosaurs System Requirements: 

Windows 98 SE, NT (with Service Pack 5 or higher),2000, Me, XP, works on Vista & Windows 7 & 8 . Pentium 250MHz; 256MB RAM; 60MB hard drive space for full install, minimum install available but will need cd-rom in the drive to play; cd-rom drive; 800x600 resolution, 16-bit colour; mouse or pointing device; sound card & speakers recommended; printer recommended.

NB: Requires QuickTime 5 (included) & if you have a later version it will ask you to uninstall it, so please do that before installing this software. You should be able to re-install the later version again afterwards should you require it for any other programs.

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