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Easy Piano - Learn to play piano on computer

Just follow along with the step-by-step video lessons, and you’ll be playing tunes for your friends in no time.


• Covers all the basics a beginner needs to know
• Step-by-step video lessons
• Print out chords and easy tunes to practice on your own
• Watch as an expert shows you the right way to play
• Lessons & tunes at basic & advanced levels
• Pieces & chords to print & practice
• Complete guide to reading music
• Learn about piano history & famous players
• Easy-to-follow video lessons
• Clear, easy-to-use main menu

System requirements:
• Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP
• 486 processor or faster
• 32 MB RAM (48 MB recommended)
• 640x480 monitor, 16-bit colour
• Windows-compatible sound card & speakers

Format: Digital download 158MB


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