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Clifford Musical Memory Games


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Clifford the Big Red Dog Musical Memory Games 

Bring music back to Birdwell Island after a storm breaks the radio tower. Join Clifford and his friends as you make instruments, learn new songs, help sort shells, dance with dogs, and more.

During your adventures, practice memory, logic, and early maths skills through engaging activities and thinking challenges.  After you put together all of the instruments, create your own music with Clifford's BIG Band!

Clifford Musical Memory Games skills learned:

Following Directions
Problems Solving
Logic & Reasoning
Pattern Recognition
Matching Sounds

    Clifford Musical Memory Games educational outcomes:

    Counting, Addition & Subtraction 
    Clifford needs your help to find his way out of the caves. Listen to the number of animal sounds in each cave to choose the right path.

    Matching Sounds
    Emily Elizabeth loves collecting shells on the beach. Sort them by matching shells that make the same sound.

    Listening & Memory
    The birds will teach you the dolphins' favourite song. Play the song back correctly to watch the dolphins flip!

    Once you make an instrument, use it to create your own music in any style you choose - Rock, Caribbean, Country, Jazz, or Salsa.

    Following Directions
    A storm has blown over the radio tower and Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone need your help to bring music back to Birdwell Island!

    Problem Solving
    Explore Birdwell Island for fun objects that can be used to make instruments. After you put together five instruments, create music with Clifford's band.

    Rhythm & Creativity
    Practice rhythm with Cleo and T-bone at the bakery. Get ready for a delicious reward when you are finished.

    Logic & Reasoning
    Samuel and Charley miss the music on their radio. Play the right song for them, then take a ride on their boat to explore the other side of Birdwell Island.

    Pattern Recognition
    Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone want to learn how to dance like Mac. Arrange Mac's steps in right order and he will show you his best moves.

    Clifford Musical Memory Games features:

    19 entertaining activities and challenges
    Engaging story motivates children to play
    Activities adapt according to your child's progress
    Features popular characters and voices from the hit TV show
    Automatic help allows for independent
    Comprehensive Parent's Guide


    Clifford Musical Memory Games System Requirements:
    • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, works on Windows 7 , 8 & 10
    • Pentium 166MHz or faster processor
    • 32MB RAM
    • Minimum 50MB hard disk space available
    • 16-bit colour 
    • 8X CD-ROM Drive
    • Windows compatible sound card
    • Printer (optional)

    PACKAGING: Jewel case (like audio cd)


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