Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting
Caillou Counting

Caillou Counting

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Caillou Counting


Have fun with Caillou as you learn about counting!  (covers Numbers 1-10)

Experience Caillou Counting!  Caillou is a wide-eyed four-year-old who learns about life - one adventure at a time through counting.  From his own backyard to his very first airplane ride, Caillou discovers the wonder and excitement of being a little boy in a very big world.  Caillou knows friends are important.  He knows that being a good friend is accepting a friend's special way of viewing the world.  Caillou helps young children realize they are not alone.  All kids have LOTS of questions about everything, and Caillou helps two and three-year olds see where they're going - and five and six-year olds appreciate where they've been!  Four year-olds love to laugh - and Caillou is no exception!  Caillou lets kids know that even if life isn't always easy, with the right kind of attitude even the hard stuff can be accomplished.

Join Caillou and his friends as they teach your child preschool about counting skills.  Play in English, Spanish, or French.  Entertaining activities provide hours of fun and learning, and they're different each time you play!

Skills learned in Caillou Counting:
Number identification
Numerical order
Numerical relationships

Activities include:
Balloon Numbers
Click on all the balloons with the number indicated.

Toy Catcher
Hear a number and help Caillou catch the toys with that number on them.

Toy Treasure Hunt
Help Caillou by putting all the toys listed in his toy box.

More or Less Toys?
When you see the group of toys that is described, click on it.

Caillou Counting features:

* Audio instructions - no reading necessary
* Designed by educators
* Original voices from the Caillou series
* Original animation
* 25 activities

Caillou Counting System Requirements:

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/works on Vista & Windows 7, 8 & 10
Pentium II 233 MHZ or faster; 64MB RAM; 50MB free hard drive space; 800x600 monitor with 16-bit colour; Sound Blaster 16 compatible sound card & speakers/headphones; 4x cd-rom drive; QuickTime 5 or later (included on cd but we do NOT recommend you install this version, rather Google download QuickTime & get the latest version instead)


PACKAGING: Jewel case (like audio cd)

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