Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo
Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo
Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo
Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo
Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo
Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo

Bob the Builder : Can Do Zoo

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Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo U.S version


Help Bob build the new Bobland Zoo & learn lots of essential preschool skills.

Bob The Builder needs your help! Animals are on the loose! 

The animals for the new Bobland Bay Zoo have arrived. Unfortunately, the zoo hasn’t been built yet! Bob and his Can-Do Crew need your help to build a home for the animals. Complete fun activities and learn along the way. With your help, the Can-Do Crew will build this zoo. 

Help Bob and the Cad-Do Crew build five habitats for the brand new Bobland Bay Zoo. Complete fun and educational activities, earn stickers for your building achievements and create your own scenes in the bonus sticker book inside. 

Skills Taught in Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo: 
Problem solving 
Critical thinking 
Object classification 
Planning and time sequencing 
Pattern, size and spatial recognition 
Shape and colour identification 

Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo features: 
Find the tools you’ll need in the pile of leaves. 
Complete the pattern – choose the right colour to complete the pattern in Paint It.
Plan the job – before we can do the job, we have to plan it. Map out your plan in Bob’s Blueprint. 
Put the tools away – don’t forget to clean up. Match colours and shapes in the Tool Shed. 
Learn in English and Spanish! 

Bob the Builder Can Do Zoo System Requirements: 
Windows XP/Vista/works on Windows 7, 8 & 10, Pentium 800MHZ processor or faster, 256MB RAM, 80MB hard drive space, 32MB video card. 

PACKAGING: Jewel case


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