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  • Windows 8 compatible software
Almost all new PC's are being sold with Windows 8 64-bit, so the products we add to this category have been successfully tested on the 64-bit version. 

Please keep in mind that they may require manual installation, compatibility settings applied, or even both in order to work.  Our technical support will be more than happy to assist you with those.

Screen size may also be a smallish window in the middle of your monitor, as most children's games were designed years ago, not for the high-resolution monitors we have today.

The only guide we have from Microsoft is that if it works on Windows 7 64-bit, it should work on Windows 8, but that is not a guarantee, and a great deal of software required compatibility mode in order to work in Windows 7 64-bit.

If you purchase any of our software from the Windows 7 64-bit category & we are unable to assist you with the installation on Windows 8, we will happily refund the purchase price of the product on its return, as long as it is still in excellent condition.

Technical Note

Where has Windows 8 put my programs? 

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