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Home Teacher Spelling Australian curriculum software 


Teaching Spelling rules, the building blocks of literacy!

The Spelling Series has been designed to help parents teach their children to become good spellers.

The series is divided into three age levels:

  • Ages 7-9 is designed to introduce the Spelling rules.
  • Ages 9-11 is designed to continue teaching the Spelling rules to this intermediate group.
  • Ages 11-15+ is designed to complete the process of teaching ALL the Spelling rules.

All programs closely follow Australian curriculum standards. 

Home Teacher Spelling Features:

  • Spelling words with long and short vowel sounds.
  • Spelling words with irregular vowel sounds including the letter "y".
  • Spelling words with vowel combinations.
  • Spelling words with non-phonetic letter combinations.
  • Spelling homophones.
  • Spelling sight words.
  • Tracks and records progress.
  • Prints Certificates of Achievement.
  • The program is simple to use without the need for supervision.


Home Teacher Spelling System Requirements:

WINDOWS XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10; Pentium 2000 or better; 32MB RAM; cd-rom drive and sound card

PACKAGING: DVD-style case