Rocco's World Adventure
Rocco's World Adventure
Rocco's World Adventure
Rocco's World Adventure

Rocco's World Adventure


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Rocco’s World Adventure with Australian voices!


Rocco, Lindy Loo and Jesse are back ready for another adventures...but where is Peppy?

Rocco teams up with Stevie, a friendly spider, who helps in the search for Peppy.  In return, Rocco helps Stevie find his family which is spread out across the world!

Jet set with Rocco and the team on a world adventure, as they search for Peppy and Stevie's brothers and sisters.

Rocco’s World Adventure features:

  • Interactive learning activities that teach the alphabet letters, and mouse skills
  • An interactive map introduces Country shapes and simple mapping skills Interactive activities that teach rhyming words
  • A fun-filled story that introduces new words to see and hear

Rocco’s World Adventure Educational Outcomes:

The five fun learning activities included in this adventure contain essential literacy and numeracy skills and concepts young children need to succeed.

Rocco’s World Adventure skills encouraged:

Language development and work recognition
common shapes
rhyming words
alphabet letters
initial letter sounds
mouse and keyboard skills


Rocco’s World Adventure System Requirements

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10; cd-rom drive 


PACKAGING: DVD style case