Living Book Stellaluna
Living Book Stellaluna
Living Book Stellaluna
Living Book Stellaluna
Living Book Stellaluna

Living Book Stellaluna

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Stellaluna Living Book

Based on the beloved children's book by Janell Cannon, STELLALUNA was one of the first, and still one of the most popular, Living Books ever produced.

STELLALUNA is the tale of a baby fruit bat in Africa, separated from her mother following an attack by an owl, who is raised by a family of birds - a story of adaptation, acceptance, and friendship. Stellaluna and her young nest-mates become close friends, learning to share in their common abilities and marvel over their differences.

Unlike some Living Books titles, STELLALUNA is a complete, animated version of the book on which it is based. A second clickable window lets you see a story within a story, as Stellaluna's mother searches for her lost daughter. Spectacular views of African flora and fauna are included thanks to beautifully detailed illustrations. Each of the 14 fully interactive storybook pages contains over a dozen clickable surprises.

Even small children can find their way around easily with just the click of a mouse; for very young children, you can choose to have the story read aloud by the program, instead of the child reading the words on the screen. When read aloud, each word is highlighted as it is read. To hear a word again, simply click on it. A special quiz section has all sorts of fun, fact-filled answers with three levels of difficulty - lots to see and do, time and time again.

STELLALUNA Living Book helps develop skills in word recognition, increased vocabulary, reading comprehension, and computer literacy, in addition to the cultural and social lessons revealed in the story itself.

Stellaluna Living Book System requirements:

Windows 98/Me/XP/works on Windows 7 & Windows 8** (not yet tested on Windows 10)

*Administrator privileges required for installation

486DX 66 MHz or better processor; 8 MB RAM; 640x480 SVGA monitor; 256 colours; Windows-compatible sound card & speakers; 2x cd-rom drive

** Windows 7 & Windows 8 works with manual installation, instructions emailed if required


 PACKAGING: Cd-rom in Jewel case  (like music cd)