Quickstart French
Quickstart French
Quickstart French
Quickstart French

Quickstart French


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For Beginners, Travellers & Advanced Speakers

What is most difficult about learning another language? Getting started! Quickstart French software is designed for you to start quickly, and maximises the full potential of the widely accepted method of learning a language - the "Immersion" Method. Designed in Europe where most people are at minimum bilingual, Quickstart French is engaging, addicting, fun and easy to learn!

The learning method is similar to the way you would acquire your own native language. Each word is introduced in a context where meaning is clear and memorable. The spoken and written words are associated with visual images, allowing you to improve your listening comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling, and speaking. You will be authentically immersed in the French language with exclusive Panoramic Immersion Scenes and background sounds - mastering French in no time at all!

• Learn Over 2000 Words & 1200 Phrases!
• EXCLUSIVE Panoramic Immersion Scenes
• Zoom In & Out, Pan Around in Interactive Immersive Scenes!
• Includes 240 Games (8 Games per Activity)

 Windows System Requirements:

• Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/Me/98
• Pentium 200 MMX or better
• 64 MB RAM
• DirectX 8.0 or higher
• Video card with 8 MB RAM
• Sound card & speakers
• CD-ROM drive
• Microphone recommended


Packaging: Cd-rom in paper sleeve. Picture of title shown for identification purposes only.