Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases ESL (32-bit only)
Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases ESL (32-bit only)
Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases ESL (32-bit only)

Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases ESL (32-bit only)

Eureka Multimedia

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 Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases ESL DVD-ROM

New English as a second language software from Eureka Multimedia.

Eureka’s Everyday Words and Phrases uses a collection of carefully selected words and contextual phrases designed to assist non-native English speakers to communicate in everyday language in Australia and New Zealand.

Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases Volume 1 ESL software features:

Vocabulary lists are shown using real-life scenarios to demonstrate each word’s meaning in an everyday context.

Listening activities help to test and reinforce both words and phrases.

Games provide further support for the keyword lessons, by providing a fun and entertaining way for you to practise.

The recording feature allows you to analyse your spoken words by comparing your pronunciation with the pre-recorded words in the program.

Topics & Lessons covered in Eureka Everyday Words and Phrases ESL Volume 1: 

What is the Time? 

• The Clock

• Time of Day

• Daily Activities

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

• Days

• Months

• Celebrations and Dates

Greetings and Going Places 

• Greetings

• Everyday Places

Around the House 

• Rooms

• Around the Kitchen

• Around the Bathroom

• Around the Bedroom

• Outside the House


• Coins and Notes

• Weights and Measurements


• My Family

• Extended Family

• Filling in Forms

The Body 

• Body Parts

• Aches and Pains


• Places to Eat

• Food Dishes

• Meat

• Seafood

• Fruit

• Vegetables

• Drinks

• Desserts

Clothes and Colours 

• Colours

• Everyday Clothes

• Accessories

Doctors and Hospitals 

• Doctor’s Office

• At the Pharmacy

• At the Hospital


• Types of Transportation

• Traffic Signs

Seasons and Weather 

• Weather

• Seasons and Temperature

Countries and Nationalities 

• Countries

• Nationalities 


Eureka Everyday Words & Phrases ESL System Requirements: 

Windows XP, Vista or 7 32-bit only, DVD-ROM player, speakers or headphones, microphone


PACKAGING: DVD-style case