Trudys Time and Place House
Trudys Time and Place House
Trudys Time and Place House
Trudys Time and Place House
Trudys Time and Place House
Trudys Time and Place House

Trudys Time and Place House


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In Trudy's Time & Place House, children aged 3 to 6 enjoy exploring geography and time.

Explore the excitement of time and geography with Trudy!

Ann and Dan, Joe Crow and Nellie the Elephant invite kids to build time-telling skills; develop mapping and direction skills; and "travel" the world learning about continents, oceans and landmarks.

Kids will love exploring in Trudy's House!


Skills Learned in Trudy's Time & Place House

Locate and Learn About Major Landmarks
Directions and Map Symbols
Units of Time Measurement
Tell Time on AnalogUE and Digital Clocks

    Control the Calendar Clock
    Learn about units of time as you move forward or backward in an animated movie by seconds, minutes, hours, days and months.

    Tell Time with the Twins
    Meet Analog Ann and Digital Dan. You'll learn to tell time on both kinds of clocks.

    Visit Stonehenge, Bangkok and the Congo!
    Blast off with Astro-mouse! Discover the relationship between the earth, a globe and a world map. Take pictures of your favorite places to print and color.

    Master Map Symbols
    Place symbols on a sandbox map and watch hills, roads, lakes, and cities grow. Combine them to make railroad tunnels, bridges, and towns.

    Which Way to the Jellybean?
    Learn relative and cardinal directions by directing a hungry ant left, right and forward - or north, south, east and west.



    This product contains Universal Access features including TouchWindow and Single Switch compatibility to address a variety of learning styles and abilities. 

    Trudy's Time & Place House Minimum System Requirements:





    Windows 95/98/XP/works on Vista & Windows 7, 8 & 10; 486/33 MHz; 8 MB RAM
    4x CD-ROM drive; Super VGA display supporting 640 x 480 resolution and 256 colours (or more); Sound output device compatible with Windows; Mouse; Printer optional

    PACKAGING: DVD style case