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Clifford the Big Red Dog Thinking Adventures

Clifford The Bit Red Dog may be big and red, but as far as he's concerned he's just like any other dog. That's why, when Clifford tries to do what other dogs do, things can get a little out of hand. Sometimes he gets into trouble. Sometimes he saves the day. Most of the time he has a lot of fun. All of the time he's a good dog and true friend.

Children direct this skill-building journey through Clifford's neighbourhood looking for ways to make his party big fun!

Throughout the adventure, entertaining activities encourage each child to use their thinking and reasoning skills as well as their imagination. In addition, kids are presented with challenges that require them to use their problem solving skills to complete various steps. The celebration begins once children have everything they need to throw a party big enough for Clifford!

Clifford Thinking Adventures skills learned:
Problem solving
Logic & Reasoning
Classifying & Sorting
Colors & Shapes
Spatial Reasoning
Fine Motor Skills
Following Directions

    Clifford Thinking Adventures educational outcomes:

    Following Directions

    Help Emily Elizabeth prepare for Clifford's birthday party. Get ready for fun thinking adventures and activities along the way!

    Problem Solving
    Elroy Kibble is stuck in a tree! Use your problem solving skills to figure out how to get him down.

    Fine Motor Skills
    Swim through the ocean to save Clifford's pal Rocky. Eat fish sticks for energy and watch out for the seaweed, it slows you down!

    Use your creativity to make Clifford a special birthday cake. Spell out a message, put on sprinkles, pick your favourite flavour, and more!

    Memory & Matching
    Build memory skills while fixing up the backyard. Clifford has buried objects that go together - see if you can find them!

    Following Directions, Memory & Logic
    It's a fire drill1 As a volunteer firefighter, you can help by listening to the fire chief's directions and guiding Clifford to the correct place on the map.

    Use your imagination as you change Clifford's look - soap him up, brush his hair, or change the colour of his fur!

    Shape Recognition
    Clifford loves food! Test your puzzle skills as you piece together funny pictures featuring Clifford and his favourite treats.

    Matching, Counting & Sorting
    Clifford has knocked over the food display! Help clean it up by sorting like items in the same cubbies.

    Fine Motor Skills & Spatial Reasoning
    Play ball! At the party, join Clifford and his friends in his big birthday soccer game.

    Clifford Thinking Adventures features:

    Over 100 reading lessons
    15 printable activities
    Seven adjustable levels
    Interactive and printable bonus books
    Automatically adjusts to focus on skills that your child needs to practice
    Kids practice reading aloud by recording stories in their own voice
    Progress report allows you to track your child's development
    Comprehensive Parent's Guide


    Clifford Thinking Adventures System Requirements:
    Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, works on Windows 7, 8 & 10
    Pentium 90MHz or faster processor
    16MB RAM
    Minimum 35MB hard disk space available
    640 x 480 display with 256 colours
    4X CD-ROM Drive
    Windows compatible sound card
    Printer (optional) 


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