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Knowledge Adventures

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Knowledge Adventure Books by You is the ultimate make-your-own-book experience.

Award-winning actor and author John Lithgow guides you every step of the way as you choose a story line, then twist and transform it with your own ideas. You can include your friends and family, even your dog! Then publish a chapter book that you'll love to read and keep forever -because it's a Book by You.

Knowledge Adventure Books by You is a make-your-own-book software experience that inspires the love of reading and writing in children as they create and publish their own books

* Four exciting story lines - endless possibilities

* Dedicate your book
* Create an About the Author section
* Add your own pictures

* Print it at home
* Email it to friends and relatives
* Get professionally printed hard or softcover books

Read and Share
* Announce your book to friends and family
* Create a poster or press release

Books by You features:

 Four exciting story lines - endless possibilities
* Answer John Lithgow's fun questions to transform the stories
* Challenging words are introduced to expand vocabulary
* Import digital photos or drawings to personalize the book
* Include personal information in the About the Author section
* Dedicate the book to someone special
* Design a unique cover for the book
* Print the book at home, save it as a PDF for e-mailing or even publish a real soft or hard cover chapter book

Knowledge Adventure Books by You System requirements:

 Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, 8 & 10
* Pentium II 400 MHz
* 128 MB RAM
* 32 MB DirectX-compatible video card
* 16-bit colour at 800x600
* 24xCD-ROM and Sound card
* 200MB HD space


PACKAGING: Jewel case (like music cd)