Wireless Car Mouse
Wireless Car Mouse
Wireless Car Mouse

Wireless Car Mouse

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Wireless Car Computer Mouse for kids (big and small) shaped like a sports car - choose from 2 different colours - black or silver

  • 9.9cm long by 5cm wide by 3.2cm high
  • Windows & Mac compatible
  • 2.4Hhz Wireless Mouse 
  • Optical Technology 
  • Nano receiver hidden in the Mouse button 
  • Built-In energy saving system (switch on bottom of mouse)
  • Elegant and ergonomic Design 
  • Scroll button
  • Safe storage slot for USB receiver inside battery compartment- great when travellling

Pack includes: 
1 x Wireless Mouse 
1 x USB Receiver 
2 x AAA batteries (may be out of date, please replace if they are)

Available colours: 
Silver or Black - please choose your preferred colour when ordering.

How to open lid for batteries & USB receiver:
Place your thumb at the front of the lid closest to the scroll button & gently slide toward the back.

When replacing the lid, please ensure the 4 lugs match up with the slots on the mouse, then slide it up gently toward the scroll button with your thumb to close

PACKAGING: Plain kraft box (as seen in pics - cars are sitting on their boxes)