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Speedstudy 6th Grade Maths download version


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Speedstudy 6th Grade Maths will help your child build maths skills and boost their marks

Makes maths concepts come to life through multimedia learning which includes over 300 interactive quiz questions and 40 lessons. 
Suitable for new learners and those just looking to brush up on basic maths skills

6th Grade Maths provides a solid foundation that will boost marks and improve maths skills in the classroom and beyond.

Using a 3D interface, real time quizzes and step-by-step animations, Speedstudy gives students the tools they need to master key maths concepts, and take the stress out of primary school maths

The U.S curriculum based lessons are designed by teachers to help students understand and practice problem solving and critical thinking skills in an engaging, interactive learning environment.

Topics include:
Factor trees
Perimeter and Area

• Choose from more than 40 lessons
• Reinforce learning with over 300 interactive quiz questions
• Searchable database of over 500 key terms included

Windows System Requirements
• Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/XP • 266 MHz processor or faster • 32 MB RAM • 185 MB free hard disk space • 800x600 monitor, 256 colours • Sound Blaster Pro-compatible sound card & speakers • Printer recommended for printing lessons


Format: Digital download Size: 140MB

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