DK Dinosaur Hunter 2.1 (32-bit only)
DK Dinosaur Hunter 2.1 (32-bit only)
DK Dinosaur Hunter 2.1 (32-bit only)
DK Dinosaur Hunter 2.1 (32-bit only)

DK Dinosaur Hunter 2.1 (32-bit only)

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 DK Dinosaur Hunter v2.1 

This double CD by Dorling Kindersley (DK) is a fantastic journey into the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs.

Step back 250 million years to the Age of Dinosaurs. These extinct creatures are brought vividly to life through 3D animations, comparative video of modern animals, and evocative simulated sounds.

Learn detailed information on 50 different species of dinosaurs.

Chart dinosaur evolution through the 3-D timeline.

Use the X-ray panels to reveal every detail of interior and exterior dinosaur anatomy.

Find out about famous paleontologists and their amazing discoveries.

In Dinosaur Hunter kids begin in a virtual museum where they can travel through time, unearth facts, dig up bones and revive ancient creatures.

Walk through the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods. This is an incredible 3D dinosaur museum with over 50 dinosaur species.

Take a look at the key facts about a dinosaur or get a detailed profile. Learn about each dinosaurs size, habitat, lifestyle, time period, geographic range feeding habits and more.

Excavate and revive your own creatures which will join you in the museum. Join world famous paleontologists via real video clips.

This is Dorling Kindersley so you know the video is fantastic and the information is detailed but easy to understand.

There are 30 3D models and interactive consoles, 15 super-realistic video sequences, over 50 incredible animations, 500+ illustrations, 700 information screen and pop-ups and 60,000 words of text.

DK Dinosaur Hunter v2.1 Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/works on Windows 7 32-bit, NOT tested on Windows 10, Pentium 133MHz processor (at least 800 MHz for Vista), 16 MB RAM (128MB for 2000 & XP, at least 512MB for Vista), 10 MB hard disk space, 16-bit colour with 640X480 resolution display,  8x CD-ROM drive, 16-bit sound card, keyboard, mouse, speakers.

PACKAGING: Cd-rom in Jewel case (like audio CD)