Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler
Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler
Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler
Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler
Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler

Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler


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Mickey Mouse Toddler   

Active learning and developmental skills. Toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years learn letters, shapes, colours and much more.

The comfortable setting of Mickey's neighbourhood serves as an ideal learning environment for Toddlers. While interacting with Mickey and his friends, kids will learn about numbers, letters, colours and shapes as well as other age appropriate skills.
Disney's Mickey Mouse Toddler is filled with activities that build self confidence by means of continuous positive reinforcement from Mickey and his friends.
Developed with the Active learning method, Mickey Mouse Toddler encourages kids to explore, discover and create while they learn. Children craft their own learning experience while developing essential reasoning and problem solving skills.
A life long love of learning is reinforced through stimulating activities and environments that inspire your child’s creative thinking process.
  • Over 20 essential Toddler developmental skills.
  • Developing perception, observation and listening skills.
  • Printable worksheets that reinforce the subject matter.
  • Developing social skills, an problem solving skills.
Children play a game of peek-a-boo with alphabet letters at Mickey's house; discover shapes in everyday objects with Minnie; learn about colours as they aid a lazy Goofy in home repairs; create cacophonous music while visiting Donald's houseboat; and help Pluto retrieve his number-shaped chew toys from a pesky gopher. Clever animation and dialog embellish each activity, making the program more fun than a Saturday morning cartoon.
Mickey Mouse Toddler Educational value:
Mickey Mouse Toddler exposes toddlers to the basics of letter, number, shape and colour recognition, and teaches them about cause and effect, beginning vocabulary, critical thinking and more. It offers early exposure to computers and encourages the development of mouse skills.
Large colourful graphics, clever scenarios and endearing characters make this program a favourite with young learners. Mickey and his friends form a winning team, making this a program one that our testers returned to again and again. Even children on the older end of the age range enjoy the program, although they will eventually want more interaction than it allows.
Three levels of interaction make the program appropriate for a wide age-range and allow it to grow with the child. Kids can simply watch as each activity unfolds, hit any key to bring about a new action, or point and click with the computer mouse for more directed interplay.
Mickey and his friends are as irresistible as ever in this simple program for very early learners. We predict that parents will enjoy the Disney gang's antics as much as their children.
Mickey Mouse Toddler System requirements:
Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/works on Windows 7, 8 & 10

Administrator privileges required to install program; 300MHz Pentium II processor or faster for XP, 800 MHz for Vista & Win7; 128MB RAM for XP, 512MB for Vista or Win7; 200MB free hard disk space; 8x cd-rom drive; 16-bit colour; 800x600 resolution monitor; 32MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card; 16-bit DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card & speaker; Java compatible web browser.

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