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Kid Pix Deluxe 3D Windows version digital download 

The best-selling art software line for kids just got better!


•Transform animated pictures and slide shows into 3D movies!
•Set the scene with dozens of rich, multi-layered 3D backgrounds!
•Transport your cast to foreign lands with 100 video backgrounds!
•Easy path animation tools let your 3D characters move and interact!
•Put yourself in the picture with video narration and costume frames!
•Publish your Kid Pix animated 3D adventures directly to YouTube™!
•Make stop-action films by adding slides directly to your slide shows!
•Use dual audio tracks to add both narration and music to your stories!
•Import music and other sounds directly from iTunes® or GarageBand®!
•Create pictures with paint that are so realistic you'd think you could touch it! 

Order process for this title: 

Your download link has to be issued by MacKiev. This can take between a couple of days to a week, especially if you order is over the weekend or on a Monday, due to the time difference with North America. It is the same for anyone purchasing in Australia. 

There is a 15 day free trial available for download if you need the program urgently (contact us for the link), but it is 2.1GB and will need to be completely uninstalled (you can copy saved projects to another folder on your PC) before you download the full version (another 2.1GB). 

Recommended for ages 4 & Up 

Kid Pix Deluxe 3D System Requirements:
System - Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, 8/8.1 & 10

Processor - 1 GHz Intel(R) or equivalent

Memory - 512 MB RAM
Free hard disk space - 350 MB
Display - 1024x768, 32 bit color or higher
Built-in or external video camera - For video narration
Sound card - For sound and video playback
Microphone - For Sound Art Tools and recording narration
Internet connection - For publishing to YouTube™
DVD drive - Required for installation
Language Support: Most major European, Cyrillic and Asian languages can be used to create text blocks. Hebrew and Arabic are not fully supported.

Installation instructions:

Be patient. The installer file may take few minutes to download. Please be patient and do not click on the file while it is downloading!
Monitor progress. You can see the download progress in your browser's Downloads window, which can usually be opened either from the Window menu or the View menu, depending on the browser.
Verify download size. The most important step is making sure that the installer file (KDI PIX3DHybrid.iso ) is downloaded completely by checking the file size BEFORE you try to install it. To check the file size, click once on the downloaded file to select it and then choose Get Info from the File menu. The size should be 2.42 GB on disk. To find the downloaded file, check your Downloads folder.
After you have downloaded the installer file completely (see IMPORTANT NOTES FOR DOWNLOADING above), double-click it and follow the onscreen instructions.