Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9
Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9
Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9
Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9
Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9
Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9

Reader Rabbit Personalised Maths 6-9

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Reader Rabbit Personalised Math 6-9 Deluxe 


builds children's primary maths skills as they help Sam the Lion, Penelope the Parrot, and Reader Rabbit explore Pirate Island. 

Sam the Lion has entered his brand new boat - The Sea Lion - in a race and has invited Reader Rabbit to join him and his crew.  Together they set sail along with the other boats in the race.  However, they become lost in a storm after trying to take a shortcut, and the two friends find themselves shipwrecked on Pirate Island. 

The Sea Lion is destroyed, so Sam must search the island looking for parts that Reader Rabbit can use to build a new boat.  Luckily, Sam and Reader Rabbit run into their old friend, Penelope the Parrot, who offers to show Sam around the island. Help Sam the Lion and Reader Rabbit rebuild their boat on the mysterious and funny Pirate Island. Help repair the ship, give the pirates the slip, and compete in a wacky boat race. Along the way, you will have all kinds of fun with numbers as you practice your skills and develop math confidence. 

Each of the activities is designed to improve children's maths skills in a fun and engaging way.  Arcade activities use fast action to give children practice in rapidly recognising the correct answers, thereby helping children to memorise basic maths facts.  Exploration activities encourage children to experiment with maths concepts as they solve problems in the context of the program. 

Each activity in Reader Rabbit Personalised Math has multiple levels, so the program can move from simple to more complex concepts at a pace that suits each player.  Players can tackle more challenging problems even if they haven't mastered all skills or concepts in the program; each skill area adjusts its level up or down independently from the others, thereby creating a tailored learning experience that addresses each player's specific needs. Carefully tracks players' responses to each level's activities, using that information to adjust the type of puzzle presented. 

A.D.A.P.T. Learning Technology is a dynamic system that continually adjusts the program to match each player's growing abilities. A.D.A.P.T. effectively builds skills, confidence, and a lifelong love of learning. 

A.  Assesses Abilities

D.  Develop Skills

A.  Adjusts Levels

P.  Provides Help

T.  Track Progress 

Learning is always stimulating and never frustrating. A.D.A.P.T. is the most effective way to build skills, confidence, and a life-long love of learning. 

Reader Rabbit Personalised Math 6-9 Deluxe Skills Learned:

 Adding and Subtracting

Multiplying and Dividing

Counting Money


Telling Time

Creating Fractions

Solving Equations

Number Patterns

Place Values

Identifying Inequalities

Early Geometry

Measuring Area and Length

Measuring Weight

Number Lines

Drawing Shapes

Greater Than / Less Than 


Reader Rabbit Personalised Math 6-9 Deluxe Features:

29 Interactive Games and Activities

Over 100,000 Maths Problems

6 Levels of Difficulty

Auto-adjusting Levels

50 Printable Activities

Sing Along Pirate Songs

Personalised Workbooks and Rewards **

Parent's Progress Reports**

Automatic Help

Explore uncharted Pirate Island

Outsmart a band of crafty pirates as you search the island for parts

Play action-packed maths games


Reader Rabbit Personalised Math 6-9 Deluxe System requirements: 

Windows 98, Me, XP, works on Vista 32-bit only, works on Windows 7, 8 & 10 including 64-bit*; 486/66 MHz or better (Pentium recommended); 22MB free Hard Drive Space; 16MB of RAM


 *Manual installation required - step by step instructions provided

PACKAGING: Jewel case (like music cd)