Kids sudoku improves critical thinking & problem solving skills
Kids sudoku critical thinking & problem solving skills Windows computer game
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Sudoku maths game for kids on computer
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Kids Sudoku computer game

This Sudoku game for kids is a game of logic, critical thinking and reasoning.

Simple to learn, but a lifetime to master!

We've created a special Sudoku version for kids featuring a 4x4 board. 

Kids will be excited by the colourful and engaging tile sets! 


• 10,000+ Puzzles
• 5 Tile Sets
• Easy to Play
• Hints & Auto-solver
• Sudoku Checker
• Undo Moves
• Print Puzzles

5 Tile Sets!
• Numbers
• Letters
• Stars
• Symbols
• Colours

System requirements:

• Windows® 7/Vista/XP/2000/Me/98SE
• DirectX® compatible video card
• Pentium III 500 MHz processor
• 64 MB RAM
• 5 MB free hard disk space
• DirectX® compatible sound card
• Mouse 

Format: Digital download 2.3MB

Download link emailed within 24 hours of payment 


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