Travel to Japan DVD
Travel to Japan DVD

Travel to Japan DVD

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Travel to Japan and learn about Japanese culture on this DVD


Explore another side of Japanese culture as professor of anthropology and archaeology Dr. Dwayne L. Merry takes you through the cities and countryside of this exquisite land.

Enjoy the rare privilege of observing Sumo wrestlers in training before taking your place ringside at a traditional match.

Mingle with the crowds at the famous Senso-ji temple in Asakusa and participate in a wedding ceremony at the Meiji Shrine.

Depart for the island of Hokkaido to learn about the traditions and culture of the Ainu, and stop past the hot mineral springs of Noboribetsu.

Visit the massive Osaka Castle, the beautiful and ancient temples of Nara, and get swept up in the colourful excitement of the annual Gion Matsuri celebration in Kyoto.

Then travel to Shikoku to join the pilgrims visiting the island's 88 temples and observe a rice planting ceremony before concluding your journey with a rafting trip through the incredibly scenic Iya valley.

The Iya Valley
And More!

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