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Brain Spa brain training for all ages 


Welcome to the Brain Spa, a place where you can learn to maximise your memory, improve your perception abilities, power up your language aptitude, and fine tune your logical thinking skills!

Develop and improve four key skills including memory, perception, logic and language with eight entertaining games.  Features an easy-to-use interface, along with a game for everyone.

The activity difficulty automatically adjusts to your level and allows you to track your progress with daily tests and charts.

Brain Spa Features: 

8 different mini-games to play emphasising four distinct categories of mental abilities - Memory, Perception, Logic, Language.
A fun and practical way to exercise your brain and stimulate mental fitness. 
Internal time tracking allows you to see your best scores and track your progress over time and also compare results with other players.
Colourful calendars and graphs make it easy to view your progress.
Dynamic levelling system allows the game to customise the difficulty based on your skill.

    Brain Spa System Requirements: 

    Windows 2000, XP, Vista, works on Windows 7, 8 & 10

    Pentium III 500 MHz or AMD Athlon K6 III processor 

    128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended) 

    70 MB Hard Drive space 

    32 MB DirectX 3D 7.0 compliant Video Card 

    DirectX 7.0 compatible Sound Card 

    DirectX 7.0 or higher (9.0c included on disc) 

    12X CD-ROM drive 




    To download a demo of this game click here


    PACKAGING: Cd-rom in Jewel case (like audio cd)